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We learn while we teach

Teacher  training

This page is about teacher training and methodology. I write mainly about teaching challenging students and giving advice to new teachers. You have made a good choice coming here if you:

* teach very weak students

* teach heterogeneous classes

* teach non-readers and trouble-makers

Online Education
Using Mobile Phones

The future of online education

Online education became a part of our life during the Covid-19 pandemic. Teachers worldwide had to learn how to use zoom and other smart boards with their students. Although most schools worldwide have returned to the previous face-to-face format, some courses are taught only online. 

Gone are the days when traditional schools still used a one-size-fits-all approach to education. Online learning recognizes that it is impossible for every student in a class of 25 to learn at the same pace the teacher sets. Using a data-driven approach, online learning personalizes the school, turning it into something that serves you.


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